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I take pride in the work I produce, and thankful for every customer that comes my way! With that being said, whatever design service you are looking for, My promise is to work to the best of my abilities to fulfill your designing desires.

I wouldn't put my stamp on it if it wasn't something I can be proud of!


About the Artist . . .

My name is Sarah Smith, a 26 year old multi-media artist from Detroit, Michigan!

I work full-time as a behavior therapist while running my design business on the side. I love the field I am in and the children I work with, but my passion has always been art and design. For that reason, I decided to take whatever steps necessary to incorporate it into my full-time career.

With years of freelancing and several design classes under my belt, and a lifelong passion for creating and designing, I am always open to working with clients and whatever design jobs they have. 

Additionally, I am seeking a full-time position within graphic design/marketing where I can use the skills I have acquired and continue to grow and learn in this exciting field.

Some more fun facts!

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I love traveling and adventures! Hiking, Camping, Backpacking, Climbing, Biking, kayaking, you name it! If it involves the outdoors, I am all about it!


I may be the biggest Star Wars nerd you will ever meet! I cant get enough of it!


Hands down my favorite sport is ice hockey! My dad taught my sister and I when we were little, and I have been playing ever since!