Designed and launched website for up and coming ABA clinic.  Assissted with HTML coding, server transfers, color schemes, and logo design. Work was completed via Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Website built through and

SKS Designs

Launched Graphic design business from the ground up.  Cinsistently updated designs, logos, and social media platforms to fit current design trends.  Work was completed through Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

Art Is In

Practiced detailed logo design inspired by the business and products they sell.  Conducted research to best fit and represent that values of the company.  Reflected these values through color theory and design.

Star Wars Monochromatics

Designed six differnt monochromatic pieces reflecting the first 6 star wars movies.  Researched, photoshoped, and illustrated each scene to reflect famous moments from each episode.

Bobola Built

Designed logo for handmade wood furntiure business.  Also currently aiding in website design and various artwork. Made via Illustrator

Wedding Invitations

Worked with customer to design invitations that fit her design vision.  Researched quality and afordable paper and printing services for consumer.

Image Warp

Practiced image manipulation via Adobe Illustrator.

3-Piece Brochure

Designed brochure set to provide information for familiies affected from ASD through The Ted Lindsay Foundation.  Researched material, artwork, and overall design to better portray brochure needs.

Created via Illutrator and Indesign.  

Newburg Student Ministry

Designed logo for incoming students T-shirts.  Shirts were designed to stand out on a white T-shirt that will be involved in a "Paint War."

T&S Tree and Stump Removal

Designed Business cards, machine decals, and uniforms for local business.


6-Page Zine

Designed mock-up for art history magazine.  Researched famous pieces from each era and relatable quotes.  Designed each page to fit the era theme to aid in design.  Created via Photoshop and InDesign.


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