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  • Website Design

  • Branding/Logo Design

  • Digital Art

  • Typography

  • Layout Design for print and digital formats

  • Marketing History

  • Social Media Coordination

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The first displayed image is the original photograph, the following picture is the edited version. The images were edited via Adobe Photoshop and the Camera Raw filter, and  were personally taken on Cannon Rebel T6.

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What can I do for you?

This is key for me to get to know you, your company, you mission and values, and what makes you unique. Building that relationship ensures future projects can be catered to your needs as best as possible.
Brainstorm ideas of what I can provide for you and your business. This is where we start to decide what all you may need (website building/social networking, SEO and data tracking, designing logos, marketing materials, etc.)
Start creating and building the foundations you need to achieve your marketing goals! Making sure to keep close contact for you to review progress, to ensure it is to your standards and desires
Showcase the finish products and incorporate them into your mainstream marketing and everyday business.  Introducing your clientele and target populations to your new marketing face lift.
Future Advising
The Marketing journey doesn't stop here.  I'll advise you on future steps to take, and things to look out for in the future!
Create a credible, personalized, and professional website to best represent you and your business.
Audiences are looking for clear navigation, visuals, and ease. And I am here to do just that
SEO and Google Analytics
Optimizing your content, researching proper key words, building links, and creating mobile friendly content all play major roles in improving your sites standings on google. Ultimately improving the valuableness of your site in the long run.
Social Media Networking
Reach your audience in one of the easiest ways possible: Social Networking. Tailor ad campaigns, marketing materials, whatever it is to help increase your online presence and foot traffic to your site and business.
Logos/Brand Identity
Either create new, or update the old! Customers are drawn to companies that constantly improve themselves to stay above ever changing design trends​.
Marketing Materials
Flyers, brochures, business cards, door hangers, yard signs, you name it! A design is waiting for you!
Promotional Products
Mugs, lanyards, pens, Frisbees. Anything ​to best get your name out there
informational Liaison
There is a lot that goes into marketing your company. I am here to help you by breaking it all down and discussing how these tools can best benefit you

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Smoky Mountains Sunrise taken on Cannon Rebel T6