I am currently looking for an entry-level graphic design position.  


To be a good graphic designer, I believe that there are several important qualities one should focus on.  Communication, time management, creativity, and knowledge of current technology and trends.  As I continue to take on new clients while maintaining a fully time job as a therapist, I am constantly improving my time management.  Working with businesses such as The Ted Lindsay Foundation, professional communication skills, research, and creativity is crucial to produce successful pieces for the large-scale foundation. Staying up-to-date with current trends and technologies helps to reach out to larger target populations when working with small-scale organizations, such as when I worked with the CMU Women’s Hockey team.

There are so many aspects that come into play as a graphic designer.  And with history in public relations, data analysis, multi-media design, and psychology, I believe I encompass attributes that would be an asset to any design team.  I am well-rounded in more than just the design aspect, but in areas of marketing, advertising, designing, and public relation roles.  And for that reason, I believe I am a qualified candidate for any design team.

Adobe Creative Suite:





After Effects


Microsoft Office:





Motion Graphics


Other Core Skills:

Public Relations

Social Media Setup and Management 

Data Collection and Analytics

Written and verbal communication

Time Management and Multi-Tasking


December of 2015

B.S., Psychology

B.S., Child Development

Minor, Art

Completed 17 classes (57 credits) in Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Corporate Identity

  • Design Principles

Classes including:

  • Digital Layout

  • Typography

  • Color Theory

*Find more information on these projects in my graphic design portfolio
  • Designed, developed, and launched personal graphic design/fine arts business, SKS Designs.

  • Solely ran and covered all areas of business (PR, marketing, Finances, business analysis etc.) in order to build and grow a successful, professional, and respected business.

  • Created and regularly maintaining business-specific materials and social media accounts in order to connect with target populations and stay better organized and up to date as a professional business.

  • Designed and created company website from the ground up.

  • Assisted with logo design and fine-tuning.

  • Regularly maintaining professional relationship with business owners to aid in any current designing needs

  • Designed, printed, sold, packaged and distributed Christmas, birthday, and greeting cards, as well as wedding ceremony and shower invitations.

* This particular card features hand drawn mandalas edited on Adobe Illustrator.

  • Designed business cards and car decals for company trucks and various equipment.

  • Designed and maintained team website.

  • Budgeted, created, ordered and distributed merchandise.

  • Researched high quality, yet fair priced printing businesses for various merchandise due to tight budgets.

  • Designed flyers, weekly newsletters and promotional information.

  • Assisting as social media coordinator.

  • Working on new styles, trends, and layouts to better reach target populations.

  • Assisting in preparation of main fundraising evens where necessary, whether that be in graphic design, public relations, marketing, or other promotional tools.

  • Designed apparel and merchandise.

  • Priced, budgeted, ordered and distributed clothing merchandise.

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Email: sks.sarahsmith@gmail.com  |  Tel: 586-329-9700

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