As a graphic designer, I believe that there are several important qualities one should focus on.  Communication, time management, creativity, and knowledge of current technology and trends.  As I continue to take on new clients, I am constantly improving my time management.  Working with businesses such as The Ted Lindsay Foundation, professional communication skills, research, and creativity are crucial to produce successful pieces for the large-scale foundation. Staying up-to-date with current trends and technologies helps to reach out to larger target populations when working with small-scale organizations, such as when I worked with Chelsea at CR designs, helping her take her business and give it the trendy, current, and up-to-date look she was searching for.

There are so many aspects that come into play as a graphic designer.  And with history in public relations, data analysis, multi-media design, and psychology, I believe I encompass attributes that make me an asset to any design team.  I am well-rounded in more than just the design aspect, but in areas of marketing, advertising, research, and public relation roles.  And for that reason, I believe I would make a qualified candidate for any design team.


Adobe Creative Suite:





After Effects


Microsoft Office:





Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Other Core Skills:

Public Relations

Social Media Setup and Management 

Data Collection and Analytics

Written and verbal communication

Website development


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Central Michigan University

December of 2015

B.S., Psychology

B.S., Child Development

Minor, Art

Completed 17 classes (57 credits) in Graphic Design

  • Web Design

  • Corporate Identity

  • Design Principles

Classes including:

  • Digital Layout

  • Typography

  • Color Theory


Check out my graphic design portfolio to see my work in website design, logos, digital art, and layouts for both print and digital formats.